EQ to enhance organizational performance workshop 情商提升组织绩效工作坊

Description  工作坊介绍
Modern organizations are made of lean structures in which boundaries are barely sketched out and job roles poorly defined, and where people are in a constant and interdependent relation; all these factors have significantly increased flexibility and dynamism. The other side of this great change is represented by the significant emotional discomfort that characterizes the daily life of workers. One of the main reasons for this is a widespread “emotional illiteracy” that has underestimated howperformanceisheavily influenced by the emotionsthat play a constant role during the work hours and by theindividual strategiesfordealingwith one’s own and others’ emotions that different situations, people and events can generate. Being able to recognize, understand and use proactively the emotions involved in any moment of our life is thekey to successin a lot of different job positions, at various levels.



During this Seminar you will be introduced, in a simple and interactive way, to the main dimensions of Emotional Intelligence and how each of them can impact directly your daily activity at work.

The trainer – Mr. Andrea Lattanzi 培训师–‍安德烈 · 兰特奇:


HR Consultant with many years of experience, Andrea completed his Master’s degree cum magna laude in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Rome. He has cooperated with the Industrial Psychology department of the “Sapienza” University of Rome, then he started working as an HR consultant and a Recruitment Project Manager for one of the top European companies in the fields of psychometric testing and consulting. During the last years he has helped the Chinese clients of his Company to grow and improve their knowledge of psychometric tests and HR consultancy models, and he developed new business strategies for them, living first in Shanghai and then in Guangzhou. In 2015 he moved permanently to China, starting working for O.S. China as a Development Manager in the areas of Shanghai and Guangzhou, designing and delivering projects about Human Assessment and Development (through Assessment Centers, training, coaching, competency-based evaluation systems).

罗马大学(意大利排名第一、欧洲排名第三)组织工作心理学学士、硕士。通过国家考试获得(意大利国家级心理学家许可证),实战型心理专家;拥有多年的人力资源顾问经历;担任 Giunti O.S.人力资源高级顾问及招聘项目总监。

设计并主导过100多次评估中心的测评,参加人数达到800人以上(按照国际标准:一个测评中心最多不能超过8人,一般在1-2天内完成),并为Monte dei Paschi di Siena (意大利锡耶纳银行,世界上最古老银行)网上银行Widiba和Allianz Bank financial Advisor (德国安联集团,世界上最大银行和保险公司之一)管理过两个大型招聘项目,其职位吸引了超过12000名申请者。

负责Giunti O.S.部分产品(ALQ领导力、WOMI工作动机、Org-EIQ组织情商、BFQ-2大五人格、TOM动机导向、态度测验等心理测评)的认证研究课程;ALQ领导力、WOMI工作动机、Org-EIQ组织情商等主题课程


Teaching Language:English&Chinese
Time:September 4th, 2016 (Sunday) 14:00-17:00
Number of participants:20 People MAX
人数上限 :20人
Place:2906-07,R&F Ying Feng Mansion,No.2,Huaqiang Road, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou

张文锋 13631808437(Phone & WeChat)     Email:feng@os-china.cn

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