For the assessment of motivation in organizational contexts

What is it?

The WOMI (Work and Organizational Motivation Inventory) is a test to assess the motivational drivers of company resources. From the profile, it is possible to understand whether the factor that drives people to work well is related, for example, to their passion or their desire to grow (intrinsic motivation) or whether more weight is given to economic recognition, status, or the possibilities of combining work and home (extrinsic motivation), or even whether there is a balance between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

How is it done?

  • Self-report
  • 110 items on a five point Likert scale (from “my motivation reduces greatly” to “my motivation
    increases greatly”)
  • 15 – 25 minutes to complete; individual or collective administration
  • Also available in English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
    Japanese, Korean
  • Validated in public and private organizations across Italy
  • Online administration
  • Interpretive report
  • Guidelines for interview

What is it for?

  • Planning incentive programs based on the motivational levers indicated by the people themselves
  • Designing career development paths based on whatever motivates employees to work to their best
  • Organizational diagnosis to understand the level of motivation of people
  • Selection of people driven by the same motivational drivers as the organizational culture
  • Guidance and career counseling, for designing choices congruent with own preferences, objectives and ways of being
  • Training people in line with motivational tendencies

What does it assess?

  • Reward: motivated by reward. Includes Career, Status, Remuneration and Feedback
  • Skills: motivated by the opportunity to increase skills. Includes: Management, Activity, Achievement and Dominance
  • Success: driven towards achieving command positions. Includes: Psychological climate, Ethics, Freedom, Self-realization / Growth, Customer (internal and external)
  • Stability: driven towards stability and security at work Includes: Security, Comfort, Environment, Work/home balance
QUE womi
Number of items 110
Italian Sample 1192 participants from
multiple public and private
organizational realities
throughout Italy (2008-
Administration Around 10-25 mins
Individual or collective

WOMI is administered online through the Giunti OS web platform (itest.os-china.net), which allows companies to manage the process of selection and assessment in a simple, fast and intuitive manner. The online scoring system makes the interpretation of the scores much easier thanks to the interpretive report. The examiner will immediately have access to the profile of the person and the scores of factors and macro factors are expressed in easily comparable standard points. 

An extract from an example report

WOMI (2)