We like working for and with people – with their emotions, thoughts and behaviors – because, it is people who determine the success of a Company with their ability to innovate, create opportunities, achieve goals and drive the change.

Allow people to grow and evolve fully expressing their potential, represents for us the unavoidable condition for implementing a change even at a structural and organizational level. It’s a continuous development process, based mainly on a deep work on individual characteristics and their fit to the organizational need.

Only in this way the workplace can become an eco-environment where one’s feel good about himself and the others, is engaged to work with ever greater motivation, improve his own self-efficacy and the ability to drive and manage others.

Our approach

Skills, models and tools are selected and combined to create ad hoc projects consistent with the culture, values and objectives of each Company.

While we design a training course, our team of trainers/consultants works with the clients always taking into consideration some fundamental principles:

  • alignment and sharing of the Company strategies;
  • working with people, for people;
  • developing active and participatory methods;
  • facing real problems and real situations;
  • giving value to the experiences of the participants;
  • generating new energy and new motivation;
  • training inside the classroom and outside the classroom (coaching, web community, e-learning, outdoor).

Our teaching methodology is based on active approaches, where the experience of the participants results to be the fundamental element of the learning dynamic. In this way we develop the capacity of participants to “look at themselves” while acting their job role generating, during the training, an awareness of their own behavior in order to identify areas of improvement and/or development strategies. We always give space to a continuous debate of each one’s professional experiences, so to create a benchmark of experiences that become an asset shared by all the participants.

The effectiveness of our training can be enhanced by integrating the use of Giunti O.S. tests, that allow people to show off, in self-assessment, personal characteristics related, for example, to leadership styles, attitudes, motivation and emotional intelligence. Thus, the activities done in the classroom become “glasses” that allow the participants to see themselves differently and develop proactively a greater self-awareness. Adopt a new perspective is indeed the starting point for identifying areas of improvement and undertake actions oriented to a change that, to be coherent  with the specific goals of the Company, should interlace the communicative and relational skills of the person with the group dynamics and organizational processes.

Areas of Intervention

Our principles and our approaches, based on our experience and a strong focus on methodology innovation, are selected and combined from time to time to create ad hoc projects that are consistent with the culture, values and goals of each Company.

We work with the Management, supervisors and managers, technical and administrative staff, both in homogeneous classrooms and multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team.

These are some of our areas of intervention:

  • Self-empowerment and Self-efficacy
  • Managerial skills and Leadership
  • Team building
  • Motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team working
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Stress management and organizational well-being
  • Time management

In addition to these areas, we design and deliver certification courses on our best-seller psychometric tests for HR, such as BFQ-2 and Org-EIQ