Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a core activity of O.S. China and of all the Giunti O.S. group since its foundation in 1950.

Our tests are usually developed and validated in Italy and standardized and adapted in each specific nation, considering the cultural differences and peculiarities. Based on international scientific community’s renowned models, O.S. China provides valid and reliable assessment tools.



Improve the effectiveness of the assessment process


Gain a deeper knowledge about the human resources;


Understand what motivates human resources, their propensity to change and in which way they activate their temperamental peculiarities


Detect stressful situations perceived by the individual or the organization


Each test developed by Giunti O.S. is available on our web platform Internet-Test which allows companies to manage selection and assessment processes in a simple, rapid and intuitive manner, being able to manage on their own the administrative process, as well as to score the results and generate reports

Internet Test allows to

Manage with few, simple steps the administration of remote testing (by sending an invitation email to the candidate to take the test from his own laptop/tablet/smartphone, at the office or at home) or in controlled conditions (e.g. in a computer room dedicated to the project);
Handle administration of evaluation batteries, assigning more tests to different subjects and scoring the results collectively
Score the results quickly (just a click) and safe (no risk of error) on validated and standardized tests
Get the reports with the test results, expressed graphically and numerically, in order to see immediately the strengths and possible development areas of the subject, together with an interpretative report that helps to explore its psychological features
Take advantage of the multilingual capabilities (our platform can be used in: Chinese [simplified and traditional], English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese) and then create multiple language versions of tests used in a specific process

Much more tests are available in other languages, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information