For the assessment of organizational-emotional intelligence

What is it?

The Org-EIQ (Organizational-Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire) assesses emotional intelligence in relation to the work setting (contextual performance) focusing on the viability of the organizational intelligence concept, based on evidence that shows how organizations provide a greater performance depending on how great their emotional competence is in terms of aggregation. Optimum performance takes place when the psychological characteristics of the person comply with those required by the work context / environment.

How is it done?

  • Self-report
  • 99 items with a five point Likert scale (from “very rarely or never” to “very often and always”)
  • 10 – 30 minutes to complete; individual or collective administration
  • Validated in public and private organizations across Italy
  • Online administration
  • Interpretive report
  • Guidelines for interview

What is it for?

  • Selecting personnel with experience
  • Assessing potential
  • Guidance and career counseling
  • Assessing skills
  • Training and personal development
  • Activities of organizational diagnosis

What does it assess?

  • Self awareness and evaluation: awareness of own emotions, limits and resources. Includes Self awareness, Self confidence and Intrapersonal intelligence

  • Self-management: ability to manage impulses and adapt to new situations. Includes Emotional self-control, Tenacity and Adaptability

  • Social skills ability to establish effective relationships in the workplace. Includes Empathy, Customer focus (internal and external), Organizational awareness

  • Relationship Management: ability to effectively coordinate and manage others, stimulating the collaboration. Includes Teamwork, Leadership and Catalyst for change

Number of items 99
Italian Sample 3341 participants (60%
male) in a non-competitive
situation (N° = 1394) and a
competitive situation (N° =
1947) (2006-2013)
Administration Around 10-30 mins
Individual or collective

The Org-EIQ interpretive report is drawn up by the Giunti OS online testing platform ( The report is divided into four sections:

  • General profile, reports results obtained from the Org-EIQ in numerical form and a graphic profile of the macro factors of emotional intelligence
  • Presentation of self, provides an indication of the presentation style of the candidate, any attempts of falsification of the test and, ultimately, the level of validity of the report
  • Emotional intelligence profile, in addition to the graphical representation, a detailed narrative description is provided of the emotional intelligence characteristics of the person for each of the factors included the test
  • Profile correlating organizational and emotional intelligence, provides a presentation of the characteristics of the person for some factors related to the construct of emotional intelligence
  • Interview tips, provides indications in question form to be used as an outline for the assessment interview

An extract from an example report