Do you want to improve the quality of your recruiting processes? Are you looking for easy-to-use, multi-purpose and state-of-the-art psychometric tools to support you in all the HR challenges you have to deal with daily? 

Do you want to learn how to easily predict the success of Human Resources and how to drive their development without wasting your money and time?

The Giunti O.S. China tests Certification Courses will make you an expert in the use of 4 best-seller psychometric tools to assess Personality traits (BFQ-2), Emotional Intelligence (Org-EIQ), Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation (WOMI) and Leadership Styles (ALQ) in organizational contexts.

What are the Giunti O.S. China tests Certification Courses

Our certification courses are specifically designed by our senior consultants for trainers, coaches, HR consultants, HR specialists and experts. They can be delivered in English, Chinese and Italian and they are customized every time to meet the characteristics of the participants.

Having realized that we have mainly two categories of users for our tests (1. those who just want to be able to use them and understand the overall theories; 2. those who want to become experts and also deliver autonomously short trainings about the tests) we designed our Courses accordingly, giving the participants the choice to get only the Intermediate user certificate or to continue and get the Advanced user certificate.

1. Intermediate course

It consists of 3 days training that will give you an overall understanding about how to use and interpret our 4 best-seller psychometric tools (BFQ-2, Org-EIQ, WOMI, ALQ), making you ready to administrate the tests, score the results and generate reports autonomously soon after the course. During the Certification course, there will be a continuous alternation between theoretical lesson and individual/group exercises, so to create a shared learning and practical knowledge environment.

What will you get?

  • Introduction to all our 4 tests.
  • Intermediate user certificate.

What will you accomplish after the first 2 days?

  • Understand the theoretical model.
  • Read the tests report and find the information
  • Administrate the tests to others.

Key advantages of the Intermediate course:

  • Use the test autonomously, administrate and score the result. Have a correct interpretation of the report.
  • 1 self-assessment test for free per each of the four tests.
  • 1 tests for free per each test (total 4).
  • 10% discount on future purchases.
  • Creation and activation of personal internet test account.

2. Advanced course (only available for BFQ-2 and Org-EIQ)

It includes an additional training available only for BFQ-2 (1 day) and Org-EIQ (1 day). The 2 Advanced courses are independent, so that participants can choose to get the certification in BFQ-2 and/or Org-EIQ.

During the courses, each of the 2 tests will be analyzed in detail and our trainers will provide tools and tips to generate a deeper understanding about how to use and interpret them, being also able to deliver half or full day internal/external training courses about the tests.

What will you get?

  • A deep understanding of each test.
  • Advanced user certificate.

What will you accomplish after the first 2 days?

  • Interpret every kind of report.
  • Deliver half or 1 day certification courses.

Key advantages of the Advanced course:

  • 4 tests for free.
  • 25% discount on future purchases.
  • Deliver half or 1 day courses both internally and externally.
  • On internet test free activation of two additional features: aggregates management and administrator page.