For a personality assessment based on the Big Five theory

What it is

The BFQ-2 (Big Five Questionnaire – 2) is a personality test based on the Big Five theory, that identifies five fundamental dimensions for the description and the assessment of the personality. Taking as a basis the fact that the individual differences are more salient and socially relevant, they are codified in the daily language and can be ascribed to five dimensions, the test lends itself to an intuitive reading of the results that can be shared among those operating within the organizational framework.

How it is made

•  134 items with the five-point Likert scale (from “strongly agree“ to “strongly disagree”)
•  20’-40’ for the compilation; individual and group administration
•  Available also in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Russian and Ukrainian
•  Online administration
•  Interpretative report

For which purpose it is made

•  For a screening of the personality characteristics to be selected
•  For a general assessment of the personality characteristics

What it assesses

•  E = Energy: confident and enthusiastic tendency towards the interpersonal relationships. It comprises Dynamism and Dominance.
•  A = Friendliness: tendency towards altruism and taking up the other. It comprises Cooperativeness and Friendliness.
•  C = Conscientiousness: tendency to being precise, accurate and persevere. It comprises Scrupulousness and Perseverance.
•  S = Emotional Stability: tendency towards the control of the emotional states and the impulses. It comprises the Control of the emotions and Control of the impulses.
•  M = Mental Open-mindedness: it refers to the open-mindedness towards new ideas, towards the values of others and one’s feelings. It comprises the Open-mindedness to the culture and Open-mindedness to the experience.

Number of Items 134
Italian sample 2013 16832 subjects (55% males)
of various occupations and
levels of education, between
14 and 90 years old, in a not
competitive (N = 5106)
and competitive situation
(N = 8277)
Administration 20’-40’
Individual and in group

The BFQ-2 is available on the platform Giunti O.S. for the on-line testing ( The standard interpretative report represents an easily understandable guide that can be used to get a description of the scores obtained in the main five dimensions. It provides a detailed description for each personality factor which comprises the five scoring segments. Moreover, the profile allows to highlight the implications that the individual scores in the personality traits can assume regarding determined organizational professionalism, thus it is a particularly useful instrument for the selection and the evaluation of the staff.

An extract from an example report