For the assessment of leadership style

What is it?

The ALQ (Agentic Leadership Questionnaire) allows the definition of a personal leadership style and its distinctive features. Besides this specific aspect, the tool also assesses how proactive a person is in creating and promoting organizationally advantageous and innovative situations and events (human agency). What emerges,therefore, is the profile of an agentic leader, one who makes things happen.

How is it done?

  • Self-report
  • 75 items with seven point Likert scale (from “never” to “always”)
  • 15 minutes to complete; individual or collective administration
  • Online administration
  • Interpretive report

What is it for?

  • In selection assessments, it helps detect and further evaluate behaviors set for managing tasks and collaborators
  • In programs assessing potential, it allows a thorough and detailed reconnaissance of leadership behaviors
  • It can also be used in organizational contexts in which it is appropriate to integrate aspects of the
    personality of a leader with an evaluation of their behavior

What does it assess??

  • Management activities: management of material resources and time, in which Maintenance behaviors are distinguished, that is, based on maintaining an activity, and Development behaviors, oriented towards innovation.

  • Employee management: ways of acting directed towards supervision, motivation and coaching of employees. Maintenance behaviors are also distinguished in this dimension aimed at coordinating the current work of the team, and Development behaviors, which are more related to growth and the achievement of objectives

  • Self management: behaviors related to the management of personal skills and ways of leading, related to how the person handles stress, what he feels inspiring, respect for ethical principles and the strain for continuous improvement. These include: Selfregulation, Passion, Ethics, Self-enhancement

Number of items 75
Italian Sample Sample of 1250 subjects,
variously distributed by
hierarchical role, level of
education and corporate
membership (2007-2008)
Administration Around 15 mins
Individual or collective

The ALQ interpretive report is drawn up by the Giunti OS online testing platform ( The report is divided into four sections:

  • General profile, shows the results obtained and is expressed in graphical form
  • Social desirability, provides an indication of the level of validity of the report
  • Analytical profile, gives a detailed description of the scores obtained by the person ineach of the eight sub-dimensions measured by the test
  • Leadership style and agenticity , contains a graphic expression and a detailed descriptionof the leadership style that characterizes the person and their overall level of agenticity. Notall reports are supplied with this section, only present when the scores of the personassessed falls into one of the combinations connected to the four leadership styles (Trasformational, Coach, Innovator and Manager)

An extract from an example report

ALQ (2)